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AllHome welcomes you to the new normal

Jun 01, 2020

As the government eased its restrictions imposed two months ago to contain the spread of COVID-19, AllHome is finally opening its doors once again to its loyal customers.

As part of AllHome’s fight to stem the spread of the virus, all AllHome stores will continue to carry out strict safety and sanitation measures to assure shoppers and its employees a safe and clean store, complying with the safety and sanitation protocols over and above government regulations.

Customers are required to wear facemasks at all times. For precautionary measures, customers and employees will be checked for their body temperature, and will be asked to walk through a disinfecting mat at the entrance to sanitize their footwear. Hand sanitizers are also provided at all entrances.

Social distancing will be strictly practiced – observing 1-2 meters distance of customers – as well as having a maximum of four (4) persons per ride in the elevator, and maintaining three (3) steps distance when using the escalator. Likewise, to avoid contact, AllHome recommends the use of cashless payment for transactions.

Read more: https://businessmirror.com.ph/2020/05/30/allhome-welcomes-you-to-the-new-normal/

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