5 Aircon Shopping Tips and Tricks | AllHome Online

5 Aircon Shopping Tips and Tricks | AllHome Online

Cool down: How to Pick the Right Aircon for Your Home

It's the summer once more. We again melt from the scathingly hot heat from the sun. Back in normal, pre-quarantine days, this is the time we'll be thankful for getting to where we're going as soon as we can just so we can savor the sweet bliss of the cool air-conditioner breeze. Now, even on regular days, the aircon we bought for our home is running at full blast just so we can get through the day.

Scouting for a new AC? Here are some factors to consider before buying the right aircon for your home.

Your Preferred Form Factor

There are three form factors of air-conditioning units fit for residential homes: window-types, portables, and split-types. Window-type aircons are the most common type of cooling units. They tend to be the cheapest one but aren't as strong as most split-type units. Split-type ductless aircons, on the other hand, are expensive but can deliver a strong cooling performance. They also run quieter than most AC units. Portable air conditioners are best for homes with homes that don't allow for aircon installations.

AllHome Online offers this TCL 1HP Portable Aircon which has a quick, low-noise cooling system and a 3-in-1 special health filter that prevents allergens from circulating around the room. Buy one for your home today.


What's Your Type?

The power your aircon boasts depends on what motor it has. Are you looking for an inverter-type or non-inverter air conditioner? The latter type of motor blows a cool breeze in your home at full speed and tends to be cheaper than inverters. On the other hand, an inverter-type aircon will not only lower a room's temperature, but it can also regulate its own motor speed. This means that this kind of AC unit can give you better energy savings than the cheaper, non-inverter type. If the price points' not an issue, then go for the inverter-type aircon for better cooling.

This IWAR90G 1HP window-type inverter aircon from Fujidenzo offers energy efficiency because of its inverter motor and eco-friendliness in one with its R32 refrigerant. Buy it today at AllHome Online.


Location, location, location.

Where will you put your brand new aircon? When placing your aircon, location is also vital to ensure that the cold breeze is well distributed and circulated throughout the room. Putting the unit on the center of the wall is the optimal position for window-type units. Most aircons can redirect wind direction through adjustable wind blades—like this Fujidenzo 0.6HP window-type Aircon— letting you direct the blast of air towards the center of the room. This uniformly cools down the room.

Fujidenzo WAM60IG2 Window Type Aircon 0.6hp Manual

Power to scale

Every air-conditioning unit has a set motor power that tells how big of a room can it cool down. Low-powered 0.5HP ones, for example, can cool a small room. On the other hand, an aircon like the 1.5HP LG Split-Type Inverter Aircon fills up a room as big as a 2-bedroom condominium unit with its chilling breeze. Depending on how big the area of the room you want to cool, always make sure to buy an AC unit that's scaled to how big your room is.

LG HS12ISW Split type Aircon 1.5HP Inverter

Bills, bills, bills.

During summertime, air-conditioning units might work overtime due to the intense heat of the sun. As such, you'll be needing an AC unit that's affordable, reliable, and energy-efficient. Smaller AC units tend to have lower cooling power but less electricity usage. Bigger ones consume more power than usual, but they can cool a room faster and more consistently.When it comes to energy efficiency, inverter types are better, but tend to have more expensive initial costs. Basically, all of the previous factors mentioned factor into how much you're going to spend.

This summer, your home needs to be a cool sanctuary for your family. Avoid the ire of the strikingly hot sun and buy yourself an aircon today.

For your cooling needs, AllHome Online has a catalogue filled with effective and high-quality air-conditioning units of various types and sizes from your preferred brands and more. Visit our website today at http://www.allhome.com.ph to look for the aircon you need for your home. You can also like and follow our Facebook and Twitter and be updated about our latest promos.





21st Apr 2021 AllHome

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