6 Home Safety and Security Tips and Tricks | AllHome Online

6 Home Safety and Security Tips and Tricks | AllHome Online

6 COVID era Tips and Tricks to boost your home's safety and security

Your home should be a place of respite, where you can feel safe, secure and relaxed. It's where you don't want to think of adding extra stress along with your pandemic anxieties. In a post-pandemic world, it's not enough that your home is secure from outside elements. Your family should also be safe from life-threatening viruses and bacteria . Here are some tips and home safety products for sale in the Philippines you can buy today to protect your home from human and microbial intruders.

Boost Your Home Security

Security specialists say that surprisingly, a lot of homeowners tend to keep their front door unlocked, which present an opportunity towards such deplorable people. Your home security, when done right, can effectively deter criminals and other outsiders from forcing their way in your home.

Change your locks

Don't be contented with your default locks in your home. Experts recommend that you should change your locks every seven years at most to improve the security of your home and keep burglars and any malicious intruders away from your home. We recommend beefing your security up using either deadbolt or digital, fob-based locks.

Tighten your front-door security today with this digital door lock or this deadbolt lock you can get at AllHome Online.

See who's knocking

Adding a door chain to your door would help you check who's knocking without fully letting a stranger into your home. Another way to view outsiders is to have a door viewer fisheye lens installed on your door. A bit of lighting outside can help a simple, analog one. On the other hand, there's also the digital option, such as a smart video doorbell that lets you see and talk with the person on the other side of the door.

This smart video doorbell available at AllHome Online can help you keep your home secure from thieves and criminals.

Gather hard evidence with cameras

Sometimes, the best way to protect your home is to discourage intruders immediately. One way to do it is to install closed-circuit television (CCTV) or any video surveillance outside your home, specifically on blind spots. While it can't protect your home from crime, it can deter criminal elements from forcing their way in if they saw there's a camera. The recordings can also be used as evidence should it capture anything unsavory happening outside your home.

AllHome Online lets you add some watchful eyes outside your home with this 90-degree swivel-type smart security camera you can buy today.

Go simple

Other ways to prevent anyone from trespassing your property include getting a security dog, installing motion sensors on your property and just checking if every window and door is locked before going to sleep. Keep your valuables, like documents and jewelry in a secure location, such as a vault. Sometimes, even simple approaches such as this work without making your security needlessly complicated.

Protect your expensive valuables in your home, such as jewelry and documents. Get this fireproof safe at AllHome Online today.

Enhance Your Home's Health and Safety

There will be times that it's not the unknown people that will get you in danger but. Pre-pandemic, a lot of households only use alcohol for treating wounds to prevent them from getting worse. Now that a highly infectious virus is roaming the country and the whole world, everyone's whole routine changed.

You may not be able to scare off the virus entirely, but these methods minimize the risk on you and your loved ones.

Step on bacteria and viruses

Make your welcome mat more functional; add a disinfecting mat, a common office/mall necessity, to your home. Should bacteria and viruses be present in the steps you take, as long as you clean your mats regularly microbes that stuck in people's boots, shoes or what have they will be killed as soon as they step on the mats.

Get your disinfecting mats here at AllHome Online.

Light microbes up

Many companies are now touting home UV sterilizers and smart disinfecting lamps as a way to eliminate bacteria and viruses that thrive on your smaller items, like your keys, wallet, glasses, phones, gaming consoles and other objects or gadgets. While the efficacy of such UV sterilizers—especially the smaller, more hand-held ones—are still being studied, do know that UV light is harmful to the eyes and skin so be extra careful when handling these handy sterilizers.

Browse AllHome Online's Home Safety catalog to find the right antimicrobial UV sterilizers for you.

Manual disinfection is essential

Nothing beats thorough deep cleaning and disinfection. Get yourself some household cleaners and disinfectants from your local home goods store (we got your cleaning materials covered at AllHome Online). US' Center for Disease Control and Prevention also has helpful tips on how to thoroughly clean and disinfect your home.

All these tips and products should help you protect your home and keep everyone healthy. Get yourself these home safety products for sale in the Philippines today.








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