6 Things That Boost Remote Class Productivity | allhome.com.ph

6 Things That Boost Remote Class Productivity | allhome.com.ph

Online Class Gear Guide: 6 Things That Improve Studying Habits

Make your kid more productive in online classes with these 6 products.

The world turned upside-down when the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread across the world. Everyone had to adjust to a new normal of virtual workplaces and online education. People have to buy new gadgets, appliances, sometimes even furniture for sale in the Philippines to be able to work or study well in the changed environment.

But online education doesn’t need to be so difficult for everyone—nor expensive. Having these distance learning essentials can surely improve your child’s productivity and make their experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Furniture and fixtures

As a best practice, it’s always a good idea to look for proper furniture for sale in the Philippines. Ergonomics play a huge part in ensuring healthy posture in both children and adults. With the country’s schools remaining closed, it’s best to invest in sturdy and comfortable ergonomic furniture to encourage better posture and improve your kid’s musculoskeletal growth and health.


Your fine-crafted wooden chair might do the trick now for your child’s online schooling, but the difference between a normal chair and an ergonomic chair is the number of back problems they’ll have as the years go by. Sitting for long periods of time is considered a safety hazard; as such, it’s important for kids to have a chair that doesn’t put strain on parts of their body. Ideally, the chair should have adjustable height and arm rests, and must provide natural S posture support.

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Norway Office Chair


Even desks can be ergonomic. When picking a desk, your mindset shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. It’s not enough to just buy a regular table. The desk you buy should consider your growing kid. Typically, there must be a right enough space to fit one’s feet, knees and thighs without compromising posture.

It must also be high and wide enough to complement your child’s keyboard and monitor so it won’t cause musculoskeletal disorders, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Lastly, it must be also wide enough to accommodate all your kid’s learning materials.

When dining tables aren't enough, why not get your kid this Patrick Oshun 1.2 study table to help improve their habits? Get them today at AllHome Online.


Lighting can play a huge part in improving your child’s online education experience. For one, a well-lit room can drive activeness and productivity as opposed to a dimly-lit room; the latter can cause undue eye strain and might make your kid drowsy. Combine natural light from the outside with lighting fixtures from the Philippines for optimum productivity. Desk lamps can also be good to improve lighting conditions while studying or reading modules. If classes require extra illumination, you can also buy LED lighting for your kid’s Zoom classes.


Aside from internet connection, gadgets can make or break online education. You might be able to do everything on your phone, but it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to do so. After all, your kid might wreck their electronics’ battery life if they’re assigned to do multiple things at once and what they have isn’t enough to do such tasks. When looking for electronic gadgets for sale in the Philippines for your kid’s online classes, here’s what you should consider.


Laptop or desktop? Each kind of computer has its unique set of pros and cons. For one, laptops are portable and are built ready to do the tasks you need but cheaper ones may not have enough power to handle multitasking. Desktops, on the other hand, are modular so they can be built accordingly to be able to do the tasks required by schools—but they can take up so much physical space.

Your child might need a laptop that can multitask and be useful for a long time. Why not pick the Apple Macbook Pro? Buy one today at AllHome Online.

Apple Macbook Pro


While laptops and desktops are a good investment in the long run, some families choose to buy their kids tablets instead. While not as powerful as a laptop or a desktop, such gadgets can be useful in terms of portability and usage. Higher-end tablets can even go toe-to-toe with computers. Buying such electronics for sale in the Philippines can be a better choice instead of choosing to use a phone for online classes.

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The lack of physical presence in online Zoom classes make sound an even more vital part of learning. While students can thrive with simple headsets bundled with their phones, there are times where these kinds of sound devices aren’t enough to deliver quality audio to your kid’s ears. Good noise-cancelling headsets can be a boon for your child’s Zoom classes so outside noises won’t bleed through the lessons.

Most headsets also have serviceable microphones. But it’s also good to buy a separate microphone can give improved audio quality, which can be helpful for recitations or presentations.

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Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

Your kid’s Zoom classes should feel comfortable enough so they can be more productive when it comes to their schooling. Buy your kids proper tools, gadgets and furniture for sale in the Philippines to make their distance learning easier.








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