Create the Perfect Study-From-Home Space for your Kids |

Create the Perfect Study-From-Home Space for your Kids |

For online school or online learning, create a distraction-free study space so your kids can focus and be the most productive.

It was a huge shift when school transitioned to online; it was given that all households had to adjust in many ways. For the safety of the kids, parents set up study areas or study stations, in their own home, for them to properly learn. The main objective of every parent is to make sure their kids are absorbing as much knowledge as possible. Hence, creating a distraction-free study space for them to attend their online classes with ease and motivation.

It has been said that having a clear mind and a clear space will allow you think and act with purpose. That is why a lot have been sharing their Work-From-Home and Study-From-Home set ups to inspire others to do the same, as it motivates kids and adults to be their most productive.

Here are some tips that will enhance your child’s online learning experience:

What are the virtual class essentials?

A computer or a laptop with a webcam is a must, as lessons are conducted via videocall.

You will need a keyboard and a mouse to navigate through modules, accomplish homework, test taking, and much more. Many suggest to use an ergonomic keyboard and mouse, as they spend long hours typing away.



What is a good a study area?

It is highly recommended for kids to attend online class in a space they can really focus, such as on a computer table or a computer desk. They should refrain from attending online class on their beds, the dining table, or in the kitchen.

Make sure their desk is spacious for their laptops/computers, books, and notebooks. It is suggested to place their study station in a separate room away from the common areas of the house to lessen getting distracted from family members doing chores or walking around.

Let them identify that their study area is only meant for learning. Leisurely activities, such as scrolling through social media and watching YouTube or Netflix can be done in other areas of the house. Just like regular school, when they attend class, their brain will know when to settle down and focus once they are in their study area.

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Set a good daily a routine

Treat weekdays like schooldays where they must follow a certain schedule.

Create a to-do list with their schedule so that they can keep track and not lose momentum. There will be a separate time to learn and time to rest; to maintain a proper and healthy school-life balance.

It is very important as well for your children to get the proper amount of sleep.

How to minimize distractions at home

Headphones are incredibly useful so they will only hear their teachers, and it also helps to reduce noise around the house. Ensure that their study area is away from any entertainment systems, such as TV’s, sound systems, and videogames.

Ensure that the household is aware of their schedule so they will know not to disturb your children while they are learning.


How to ensure your kids are comfortable

They will be sitting in their study area for hours a day, 5 times a week. Invest in a sturdy office chair so that it will not affect their posture.

Since we cannot have air-conditioning on all day, a quiet desk fan will help your kids stay cool and prevent any discomfort while they take their class.

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How to organize your study space or room?

Set up desk organizers so that it will be easy for them to find the materials needed.

Since almost everything now is digital, wire management is crucial so that you and your children are aware on what is being plugged in, and to also prevent any accidents or lessen risks of any fire hazards.

Use rubber bands to segregate your wires to prevent tangles, and so that it will be easy to transfer the devices in the future.

Invest in a good-quality extension port so that they may charge and use all their devices in their study area.

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Ensure the space has good lighting

This includes natural light from windows and using lamps. Good lighting will help decrease risk of any eye strain. It will also help in keeping your children awake during online class hours.

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These tips are proven to be very effective in keeping your children productive during online classes and studying; they are beneficial for the long-run. When the time comes and the kids are all ready to go back to school and attend class in person, you may hold this space for them as their study area to use for completing school projects and assignments. Later on, you may use this space as a home office for the rest of the family to use and enjoy.

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