Golden Haven and AllHome, massive contenders as the crown jewels of the country’s largest up-and-coming business district -- Vista City Global South

Vista City Global South is dubbed as the newest hotspot for economic progress South of manila, with a spectacular township from the country’s leading developer. Condominiums, hotels, and food hubs populate the expanse. Villar SIPAG is an everyday busy melting pot for all walks of life, aimed at alleviating joblessness in the country. Amid the bustle lies a serene and picturesque park—Golden Haven Las Pinas, and in contrast, a robust commercial establishment lords the vicinity with hectares of home improvement choices -- AllHome.

City Global South is a world-class township from the country’s leading developer.

With infrastructure development in full swing such as the LRT 1 connecting to Cavite, Vista City Global South is touted as the next big business district, pulling away a significant part of the traffic and population from the north towards the south.

A beacon of progress, homeowners from nearby villages and subdivisions all flock towards AllHome; the pinnacle of home improvement and lifestyle centers in the country. From furniture, essential fixtures, gym equipment, appliances, and even vehicles, AllHome boasts of the widest array of offerings for the Filipino homeowner.

AllHome Corporation (the Company) is a stock corporation incorporated under the laws of the Philippines and registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission on May 29, 2013. The Company is primarily engaged in buying, selling, distributing, marketing, at wholesale and retail, of all kinds of goods, commodities, wares and merchandise of every kind and description and enter into all kinds of contracts for the export, import, purchase, acquisition, sale at wholesale or retail and other disposition for its own account as principal or in representative capacity as manufacturer representative, merchandise broker, indentor, commission merchant, factors or agents, upon consignment of all kinds of goods, wares, merchandise or products whether natural or artificial.

On the other hand, Golden Haven Las Pinas is one of Vista City’s crowning jewels, boasting of 15 hectares of memorial development. 100% open space is the big differentiator of Golden Haven amongst its peers and competition, leading the charge towards sustainability and environmentalism. Lot owners and visitors flock to Golden Haven on daily bases to relax, reflect, and cherish personal spaces.

Golden Haven continues to break the stigma of memorial parks being bleak and gloomy places to visit only once a year, and transforms public opinion through picturesque parks perfect for prenuptial shoots, picnics, and family bonding.

A fully-functional crematorium that is considered the best of its kind in the country can also be found here, along with the best columbarium facilities.

Since its conception, Golden Haven Las Pinas has been at the forefront of conversation for prime investments. What started as a humble price tag of P5,000, Golden Haven Las Pinas memorial lots are now valued at almost P400,000, a more than 2000-percent increase in value, a testament to the project’s timeless evaluability.

Golden Haven Las Pinas is the flagship project of Golden Haven Memorial Parks which preserves memories while building lasting legacies.

Golden Haven Memorial Park is a subsidiary company of publicly-listed Villar-owned Golden MV Holdings Inc., one of the largest real estate companies in the country. Golden Haven offers premium death care services, and its prime memorial lots are dubbed as the most lucrative real estate investment with an average of 20 percent annual value appreciation.

29th Mar 2021

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