How to Maximize Space in a Condo |

How to Maximize Space in a Condo

Utilize the limited space of your condo unit efficiently with these space-saving tips.

We know that it can be incredibly frustrating to stay inside our homes again now that we had a taste of freedom for quite a while. After months of rebuilding, it seems like we’re back in square one now.

A typical condo unit in the city is relatively smaller than a regular house in a subdivision, it might come in different sizes and structures but it is still compact. This doesn’t mean that condo owners and tenants need to sacrifice the comfort of their homes. Here at AllHome, we will be sharing tips and tricks that can help on maximizing your space and make it visually bigger.

In the grand scheme of things, having a place to quarantine in is a blessing. But living in a condo unit still might affect our mental health, especially if it’s cramped, cluttered, and claustrophobic.


A good amount of storage without making a space feeling cramped is essential to condo living. Start your smart purchases with a multi purpose cabinet. Studio units hardly ever come with utility storage and cabinets with extra storage will take care of that. You can conveniently hide your broom, cleaning supplies, and ironing board without calling attention to it.


Given the limited amount of counter space in a small condo unit kitchen, make sure to get a simple microwave overhead nook and adjustable floating shelves for your small kitchen appliances.

Overhead storage is perfect for items that do not need to be accessed every day and if your bathroom does not come with any mirror or cabinetry, opt for a mounted vanity mirror that doubles as storage.


It makes a world of a difference to get these things first since these things are never provided with units that are freshly turned over or with unfurnished condo unit rentals.

Space-Saving Furniture

One way to make your condo feel less small and claustrophobic is to invest in space-saving furniture that opens up space in your home. You can start with furniture that can be easily folded up and stacked or furniture on wheels that can be easily pushed to the side to provide more space needed for exercise, social gatherings, and other activities.

Lifetime 25011 Foldable 6ft Table  Harl Metal Stool (stackable)Xia Bamboo Kitchen Trolley

You can also go for any furniture that can be used not just for a single purpose. A small round table can be used as a bedside table or as a center table in your living room while an ottoman with a hidden compartment can be used for storage, too.

Multi Purpose Furniture

Multi Purpose furniture, such as daybeds and sofa beds, allow you to accommodate guests for daytime lounging and nighttime sleepovers, without wasting space on added furniture. A convertible center table and a foldable table may also provide more space.

MIAMI MINSITHAR WOODEN DAYBED W/ PULLOUT  round table Xiena YM 5016 Foldable Table

Also, opt for furniture that has multiple functions and will also provide you additional storage such as adjustable chairs, moveable kitchen islands, caddies, or storage trolleys.

3- Tier Metal Utility Rack

Install Hanging Shelves and Racks

The more space you can space, the better. Inspect your walls and check for spaces where you can install a TV wall mount in your living room or bedroom, racks for additional storage, floating shelves for books, decorations, and picture frames, and hooks for your purses, hats, and other accessories.


You can assemble rows of racks on the walls of your kitchen, and use hooks to hang pots, pans, and other kitchen tools. Magnetic racks are also handy for the safe-keeping of kitchen knives.


For those who are renting and are not allowed to drill on the walls, you may get racks that can be hanged with suction cups for your toiletries in your bathroom or you may try using plastic or metal hooks with adhesive backing for lightweight items you want to hang on your walls.


Stop Buying Things You Don’t Need

One of the easiest ways to keep your condo unit from feeling crowded is to stop yourself from buying things you don’t need. If you have to get something new, you must dispose or donate something else that have already served their purpose to make room for the new appliance or furniture.

Tip: Furnish your condo smartly by making all the pieces of furniture and decoration you use to serve the way you live. Also, make sure the furnishing layout of your space gives justice to the size of your space and its use.

With these storage ideas and space-saving tips, you can do away with stress and clutter. You and your family can now enjoy your own safe space in the middle of the buzzing city and can come home to a living space that is functional and still comfortable.

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30th Apr 2021 AllHome

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