Magical, Instagram-worthy Dinner Date Essentials | AllHome Tips

Magical, Instagram-worthy Dinner Date Essentials | AllHome Tips

How to Create a Magical Dinner Date at Home

After one year has passed, if there’ anything the COVID-19 era has taught us is that most of us will be eating take-outs and/or deliveries for some time. Of course, not everything has to be bleak; a pocketful of sunshine can surely brighten up our days and let us relieve our stresses. That said, why not spice your regular dinner up? With some food and tableware for sale from the Philippines, you can make a memorable dinner date with the one you love. Here are few ideas how.

Plan Ahead. Seriously.

We’re not kidding when we say that you need to plan everything down to a t if you want to make a dinner date at home happen. You don’t want your lover to wait impatiently for the food you’re still cooking. From the ingredients to the drinks to the linens, tableware and decors, you need to prepare everything that you need for the night, especially food that needs to be done from scratch, so that when the dinner date proper starts, you’ll just need to let the food cool and present them later.

Set the Mood

It’s not just the food that makes restaurant dining a great experience. There’s also their ambiance. You don’t need to recreate a dining hall of a restaurant to achieve a specific atmosphere. There are many ways to set the mood of your dining room to look and feel like a restaurant. Here are some few ideas.

  • Grab your phone and speakers and play something romantic—string arrangements of popular songs or even soft jazz should suffice. You can use LED-lit speakers like the JBL Pulse 4 Bluetooth Speakers to enhance the experience, too.

  • Cover your table with the best linens you have on hand; put down placemats and napkins and arrange them in a beautiful manner. You can even add a table runner to add an extra accent to your table’s looks.

  • Bring out your best tableware! Spoons, forks, knives, plates, glasses—the works. Like this ornate Onaida gold cutlery set if you’re aiming for a high-end restaurant kind of feel.

  • Add a bit of restaurant ambiance with dim lights, candlelight and a floral centerpiece. With flowers, it doesn’t even need to be freshly plucked; you can opt for dried flowers or use an artificial flower arrangement like this one.

Another way to set the mood is to add a theme to your dinner. Whether you want to serve something cultural (Italian; East Asian) or something time-relevant (Valentines; Christmas), mixing and matching decors and dishes can help you create a beautiful atmosphere that should leave your partner in awe. For example, adding fairy lights on the ceiling should help you recreate a “Night Under the Stars” picnic dinner.

When it comes to tableware, linens, and even electronics, AllHome Online has a huge selection of products that can help make your dinner date dream happen.

Better ‘Plate’ Than Never

Food is both a science and art; same goes with food presentation. Also, it’s not just the food that’s important when it comes to plating; choosing the right plate for the dish is also an important factor—specifically its shape, color and size. For example, brightly-colored food items go well with either black or white plates. You can also use the plate’s color, size and shape to accentuate your dish’s beautiful layers.

Throwing random, beautiful ingredients into a plate and pouring sauce on them won’t really do the trick. Presenting your food in an aesthetically pleasing way not only shows your skills, but your creativity as well.

AllHome Online has an assortment of dinnerware for sale from the Philippines that may fit the aesthetic you want to pull off. Browse the website today.

Delight Your Partner with Food

With any dinner, the star of the show will always be the food. Whether you’re cooking a single dish or a full-course meal, it’s important to pick the food with your lover (and your culinary skills) in mind. Ask yourself: What’s their favorite food? What’s a dish that can be prepared easily but can still impress them? If it’s messy or difficult to pull off, try another dish. Just make sure to follow the recipe you “googled” exactly as it was written (unless you’re skilled enough to improvise).

Keep It Simple

You love this person and you’ve done the extra effort of creating a very special, restaurant-like dinner in your home. Cooking them their favorite dish should’ve made them happy already; going the extra mile shows your dedication to them. You don’t need to make it incredibly elaborate. Keep it simple; don’t go overboard on making it happen.

In a time where it’s difficult to go through the day normally due to all the anxiety, negativity and fears, dinner dates can be a pocket of happiness that hearkens back to a pre-pandemic kind of time. With a bit of effort, cooking know-how and your best-looking tableware for sale from the Philippines, you can create Instagram-worthy dinner dates even in the comforts of your home.


9th Apr 2021 AllHome

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