​Must Have Items to Achieve a Nordic Design Home in Manila | allhome.com.ph

​Must Have Items to Achieve a Nordic Design Home in Manila | allhome.com.ph

Since the quarantine has started, a lot of trends have already sprung here and there. People birthed new skills and shared their hobbies in their social media. On top of all these, one thing remains common for each of us, we found ourselves spending more time in our houses to stay safe. Even our work was brought to home and that meant meetings done through online platforms with our rooms as backgrounds. This led a lot of people to do some redecorating. With all the stressful events, trying to stay cozy at home does not seem so bad. A popular theme that emerged is Modern Scandinavian design.

It became popular because of the comfortable and cozy feel it provides from the sleek interiors, neutral color palettes, and simple yet functional furnishings with lots of open spaces. The simplicity will surely make it easy for you to revamp your space. With that, check out these items you need to have in order to achieve that perfect Nordic home look to show off at your next Zoom meeting.

How to achieve the Nordic look and feel at your home?

Paint it simple and neutral

At a glance, a Nordic themed home would be described as minimalist with comfort that is accentuated by minimal decoration and artwork. The key to being able to put these together without overcrowding any room is to paint the walls first with typical Scandinavian colors that are calming and neutral. A palette that is composed of white, black, gray, and warm blue should be your choice. This will make it easy for you to place any furniture or ornaments as these colors will go well with everything.

Display some nature

Besides being another trend right now, adding plants in the corners of your house will give it a Nordic style in a snap. They will make your space look fresher, which could give your mood a boost. An artificial plant is the best choice for low maintenance and will assure you a bright space for the longest time. It is such a great background choice for any meeting and you never have to worry about watering it!

Artificial Plant Mango Topiary Tree  Artificial Plant Alocasia Tree

Make a statement with lighting

What gives a room the finishing cozy look is the lightning. A warm glow will instantly give your space an inviting feeling that is comfortable. Go for simple fixtures that would cast a soft warm lighting to your room. It’s not really about the design of the fixture, but the kind of light emitted by your bulb so stay away from those that emit white bright lights.


Inviting textiles

A Nordic home is easily spotted for its cozy textiles. They usually have a wool or fluffy blanket lying around and they are an essential. Often under looked, a rug is another item that can immediately bring style to any room while staying minimalist. Not only is a rug a functional item, it can also be used as an accent. A monochromatic look is the best option. It will easily match your furniture or the floor.

Snuggles 60"x90" Orange Flannel Blankets With Braided Edges       RUGGED ELEGANCE SHAGGY AREA RUG

Keep it natural

To maintain the warm and cozy feeling, use furniture and items that are made of natural material like wood and leather. These will preserve the minimalist yet comfortable look while delivering a rustic vibe. Earthy elements are very attractive without being too bold or striking. It does not have to be all neutral. The key is to balance all the items you need and want to fill an empty space. Use wooden tables for your work-from-home office setup and add black or earth toned lamps to add some life to it.

Odis CT2025 Computer Table      

Refined edges and elegant touches

For the other parts of the house that usually has the most items, the kitchen, just use furniture with refined edges and add some elegant touches by using items made from marble and has some gold finishes on it. Choose dining tables and chairs that are simple yet cozy and match them with cabinets that are made from natural materials with sleek lines. These nordic plates are minimalist but will surely bring some life to the table.

Souji Dining Set for Six        Round Minimalist Nordic Dish Meal Plate 10in

Smart storage

Stay neat by organizing your things with multifunctional furniture. Since Nordic homes are all about looking clean but inviting, take a look at this bookcase that can function as storage for some items you have in the house. Keep your spaces clean and minimalist by hiding your items well on tables that have extra storage and top it off with some patterned yet minimalist table runners for accent.

Buy 1 Take 1 Xander Metal Bookcase4-6 SEATERS BLACK WEAVE EMBRO TABLE RUNNER

Cozy bedroom for a good sleep

Don’t just aim for a cozy look, make it happen and you will be rewarded with the best rest and that’s what our homes are for. A Nordic bedroom is characterized by simple furniture, sleek lights, minimal artwork display, and a cozy bedding. Use small stool and simple side tables that look neat with additional sleek light fixtures and small plants. A wall decoration is essential but maintains the minimalist or abstract look. Choose a few monochromatic frames or an abstract art piece and place it just above your bed. A bedroom is not going to be completely cozy without soft linen and a fluffy duvet that waits for you in the bed. Throw in a few comfortable small pillows with color to accentuate the bed.

Starrynite Nordic Spring MattressLEUCHTE TABLE LAMP CERA PEBBLEDModern Linens Twin Safari Comforter

18"x18" Orchids Suede Throw Pillow Case

Now that you’ve learned the basic tips in achieving a Nordic themed home, why not try redecorating your own house!

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13th May 2021 AllHome

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