Transform your Backyard, Balcony, and Garden into a Vacation Spot |

Transform your Backyard, Balcony, and Garden into a Vacation Spot |

Whether you live in a house or a condominium, you can turn your outdoor space into your very own peaceful getaway. This is where you will learn how to transform your home space.

So, it looks like we are going to have another summer spent at home, but this year let’s switch things up a bit and transform our outdoor space into our very own vacation spot. Stay safe with the family and get some sun within the comfort of your own home.

Given the pandemic, health and wellness has become such a focal point in our everyday lives. We want to exercise, breathe in some fresh air, get some Vitamin D from the sun, and maintain peace of mind. How can we do all these activities while at home?

A lot of people have expressed that because they were cooped up inside, they developed major anxiety and it affected how they functioned in their everyday lives. How to cope up with pandemic anxiety? Experts suggest to make use of what you have at home, maximize the outdoor areas of your home to get some fresh air and try a couple of new activities in a different area of your home.

Here are some fun ideas to try:

Creating a Coffee Spot or Reading Nook

Just like how we have our favorite cafés to sit at and enjoy our breakfast right before we go to work. Choose a shaded spot in your garden or balcony, where you can set up a comfy chair, and enjoy your morning coffee or beverage of choice al fresco style before you go back inside to work-from-home.

Inah Bali Reclining Outdoor Chair

Set up a small table to hold your magazines and books. Decorate that spot to your liking with plants or flowers, turn it into your mini café even, and allot some leisure time for yourself to just sit outside and admire the sky. If you are living in an area that doesn’t get much wind, set up a fan even to get some air circulating so that you will feel comfortable.

Lifetime 28240 30" Personal TableDELONGHI ECP35.31 ESPRESSO MACHINE

Dowell Stand Fan  17inches STF-171

Create a Zen Garden at your own backyard

Many people find peace in the process of home improvements to make their homes more beautiful. It has become such a big trend, and rightfully so, as it really distracts people from their anxiety, gives them a sense of purpose, and calms them down.

Plantitas and Plantitos may ring a bell! Purchase a couple of plants according to the size of the area you would like to improve, not only will it look nice in your garden or balcony but it will improve the air quality. Be sure place them in planters so that the soil will not scatter around and create a mess.

Topiary Plant JHF1804-255 69P120038   Flower Pot with Wooden Stand Medium RAMGO SOIL LESS SEED RAISING 

Setup a Workout Area

Exercise is imperative in staying fit and building up your immune system. It also helps your mental health; it relieves stress and is a good outlet for any built-up emotions or tension.

Maybe you enjoy working out in the gym and have tried working out inside your home, but why not change up your routine and workout outside. Lay your exercise mat on the ground, do some stretches and breathe in the fresh air. If you need music to keep you motivated for your HITT workouts, grab your speakers and play your favorite songs to pump you up.


Now is the Best Time to Cook Outdoors and Spend Time with the Family

Grill up some Korean barbecue and spend time with the family in a safe setting. Ever since WHO and DOH suggested to only eat with people al fresco style, for proper ventilation to lessen the spread of the virus, a lot of families have been gathering outside in their backyards to bond in a safe manner.


For big and small families, invest in a good quality outdoor chair and table set, perfect for all weather conditions. This will facilitate great bonding after having been away from certain loved ones for almost a year.

Adea Outdoor Set

To entertain the kids this summer and to beat the heat, an inflatable swimming pool will do just the trick in keeping them happy and entertained.

Bestway Blue Rectangular Swimming Pool 8'7X69X20

These outdoor transformation ideas are not only perfect for summer, but they’re suitable for all-year round. You may incorporate these different styles almost anywhere, in your balcony, garden, or backyard.

Try these ideas even if you are living by yourself, these will help ease your anxieties and make quarantine a lot more interesting than last summer. If you are alone, videocall your loved one and show them the little home improvements you made to your outdoor space, this summer, so it will almost feel like they are there with you.

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